Emilia Romagna

Castelnovo ne' Monte     A Classic Italian Hike for Families, Couples & Trekkers


Ameglia                   The Brides Walk- Ameglia to Tellaro

Cinque Terre            Cinque Terre's Path of Love Is Reopening

Lerici                       The Forgotten Villages of the Gulf of the Poets

Ortonovo                 Walking A Tuscan Forest - Ortonovo to Castelpoggio
                                  Hiking the Ortonovo-Fontia Ring

Portofino/Camogli  Portofino- Hike Camogli to San Fruttuoso

                                      A Beautiful Seaside Walk - Rapallo to Santa Margherita (& Portofino)

                                      Walk or Hike Santa Margherita to Portofino

Portovenere             Palmaria Island - Guardian of Portovenere

(Sesto Godano) Mangia  Mangia to Cornice, Lower Val di Vara

Carrara        One Hundred Years A Minute: Moneta Castle
                      Walking A Tuscan Forest - Ortonovo to Castelpoggio
                      Hiking the Ortonovo-Fontia Ring

(Massa) Resceto  Via Vandelli - The 1752 Autostrada

(Comano) Camporaghena/Torsana 

The Stone Villages Remember: Camporaghena to Torsana

Filattiera     Filattiera Hike - Francigena and Forest

(Pontremoli) Pracchiola    
High On the Magra - A Walk to the Pracchiola Waterfall

(Pontremoli) Zeri               A Summer Place in Tuscany - 1508

(Villafranca) Filetto/Bagnone  Filetto to Bagnone via Malgrate Castle- Lunigiana


Meet Pellegrino Artusi - He United Italy with Food.
Dining with Artusi - Where Italian Cookbooks Began

The 'Facts of Sarzana'  1921
The Day Italy Tried to Stop Mussolini's Fascism

The Atrocity at San Terenzo Monti
A Walk to Remember

Above Pontremoli, the abandoned seasonal village of Formentara.
A Summer Place in Tuscany - 1508

Above Lerici in Liguria are villages abandoned for hundreds of years.
The Forgotten Villages of the Gulf of the Poets

Even in peaceful Lerici, Jews were confined to a ghetto.
The Jewish Ghetto of Lerici

Walk the ruins of Moneta Castle in Carrara.
One Hundred Years A Minute

The enlightening story of American troops in Versilia and Lunigiana.
Liberation Day and the Liberation of America

In WWII, the beautiful village of Ameglia was the scene of a premeditated war crime which killed 15 Italian-American US soldiers.
Liberation Day: The Ameglia Executions

Meet some Medal of Honor winners that fought in Italy.
Faces of the 92nd