Cinque Terre's Path of Love is Reopening!

Italy's Famous Path - The Via Amore - Will Reopen in 2024.

A Trail Especially Popular With Lovers, Families, Tourists with Mobility Issues. 

El Camino del Amor   Promenade de l'Amour   Weg der Liebe     爱的方式    愛の道     путь любви

Via dell'Amore and the Cinque Terre coast viewed toward Riomaggiore
Via dell'Amore & the Cinque Terre coast viewed toward Riomaggiore. Reopening in 2023 or 2024. CC by Davide Bozzo.

Is the Via Amore open? Is the Via dell'Amore closed? When will the Via Amore reopen? Although the Covid-19 pandemic has delayed it again, the new plan (10/2021) is to reopen in 2024. But why has it been closed so long? Read on, love.

The appeal is immediate to the Cinque Terre attraction called Via dell'Amore (or Via Amore) since it translates so romantically to The Love Trail, The Lovers Walk or The Way of Love.  It's perhaps the most famous trail in Italy and known throughout the world - even though the distance is only one kilometer long and can easily be walked in 30 minutes. This great walkway is one of the reasons the Cinque Terre are a World Heritage Site.

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The Via dell'Amore is the pedestrian path connecting the Cinque Terre villages of Riomaggiore and Manarola. It winds across the rocky face of steep seaside hills and provides panoramic views of the fabulous Cinque Terre coastline. It rises to an altitude of as much as 750 feet above the sea though it's not a steep or strenuous hike. Unfortunately, it has been closed since 2012 due to the risk of landslides. 

The 'Lovers' statue Cinque Terre on The Lovers Walk
The 'Lovers' symbol along The Lovers Walk with padlocks.
Via dell'Amore was an early victim of the viral lock mania.
                                                      CC by  Daniel Stockman
Origins and Closures. 
The walkway began as part of the railway tunnel construction in 1926-1928. It provided access for workers and materials. The explosives used in its construction were also stored along the path - away from the villages in what is now the Bar dell'Amore. Subsequently, the walkway provided the perfect setting for young Italian couples who sought privacy from the prying eyes of a small village - often leaving memorializing graffiti as proof of their fidelity.  In time a journalist who noticed all the amorous graffiti along the path coined the trail’s now-established name, Via dell’Amore.

Via dell'Amore 2012 rock slide Cinque Terre
Via dell'Amore 2012 rock slide & the 'paramassi'.    Photo:
Landslides have plagued the Via dell'Amore since the beginning, and closures have been frequent and sometimes long lasting.

It was closed for most of the 1940's though Rick Steves tells of a special 1949 reopening of the Way of Love for the Christmas wedding of a couple for whom the Via dell'Amore had a particularly special meaning (no guessing).

In the late 1980's the path was closed for a lengthy period by a series of significant rockfalls. It finally reopened in 1995, thanks to work financed by the European Union.

But then the Via dell'Amore was closed again in late 2012 after four Australian tourists were hit in a rockfall. Two women in the group were badly injured, one with life threatening injuries. All were rescued by helicopter and taken to a nearby La Spezia hospital. Soon new rock protections - 'paramassi' - will be added at that site, thanks to.....

The Way of Love on the dramatic Cinque Terre coast
The Way of Love is rocky. View from Riomaggiore. CC by Cliffano Subagio
The Renovation.
On October 5, 2019, the National Park of the Cinque Terre president, Donatella Bianchi, announced plans for construction leading to the reopening. It's a large effort costing 17 million Euro and will take about 28 months - and the Via dell'Amore will reopen in 2023 or 2024. It helps to understand the necessity of the closure since 2012 when one reads the details of the project.

The work will include the lengthening of the rock protection arcades - gallerie paramassi in Italian -by a further 80 meters on the side where the 2012 collapse occurred. Separately, four kilometers of additional rock barriers will be added along the slopes. The construction will require removing 3,000 cubic meters of rock and the building of a temporary tramway for transport to and from the roadway.  There will also be 20 thousand square meters of protective stainless steel netting applied to many of the overlooking cliff faces. The work will require 40 kilometers of bolting both to affix the netting and to anchor unstable rock to the cliff face.  Safety fencing will be added to parts of the trail, and the trail will be widened and resurfaced as needed. A modern sensor system will be installed to monitor rock movement.

Via dell'Amore- The Way of Love -  the dramatic Cinque Terre coast
Via dell'Amore & the dramatic Cinque Terre coast.    Photo: AmaLaSpezia
Walking the Via dell'Amore.
The Way of Love is the final part of the Blue Trail which extends along the coast to all five villages. It's the most popular trail and this section is the easiest. There are handrails and benches and the path is suitable for folks with moderate mobility issues.

There's an entrance fee to walk the trail and there are checkpoints at both ends of the path. The best way is to buy either a Cinque Terre Trekking Card which covers the entrance to all trails or a Cinque Terre Treno Card which also includes train travel on the Levanto - Cinque Terre - La Spezia line. The Cards come in different variations and start at € 7.50 and € 16.00, respectively (2019). For Cinque Terre Card details start here: Park of the Cinque Terre.

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