A New Plague Returns to A Hilltop Town in Italy

Extraordinary Measures in a Historic Ligurian Town. 
After 307 years the town's patron saint is asked - again - for help.

Ameglia a Hill town in Liguria, Italy
Historic Ameglia - hill town of Liguria - ruled in turn by Ligurians, Romans, Byzantines, Franks, Lombards, Genovese & more.                              

When Covid-19 hits your city, will you be 'warmly invited' to stay home? A daily life news item from the 1,000+ year old town of Ameglia (Liguria) now in lockdown from the threat of Coronavirus.

Municipality of Ameglia. Commercial entities, civil protection, and firefighters have collectively begun the start-up 'Vespa' Dotevè' to provide a grocery delivery service in the municipal area of ​​Ameglia, a service aimed at the elderly and people in conditions of fragility. Below are the participating businesses with their phone numbers. "It will be possible to turn to the merchant and the Civil Protection will act as a carrier between the business and your home," explained Mayor Andrea De Ranieri, who warmly invited all the Amelese citizens to stay at home.

This morning the first civil complaints were also filed in the Ameglia municipality for those who left their abode without a valid reason: "Townspeople just can't complete a downloaded self-certification and go wherever they want - said the mayor on Facebook - You have to stay home! Citizens can move only for work, necessity, health. At the time of a police check they will make you declare and sign why you are moving. Once this is done, the patrol checks (for example by calling the company, calling your doctor, etc.). If they discover that your declared purpose is not true, you get two civil citations: one for the violation of the coronavirus public health ordinance (art. 650 CP) and the other for false declarations (art. 495 CP). I make this clarification because many think that there are no controls or that self authorization is enough, it is not so. Shop only in your own town and for essential items! Shop for need, not shopping for pleasure! One person per family. If you are 3 in the car and you are going shopping, you'll be cited. "

Meanwhile, the heraldic flag of the municipality was brought to the ancient parish church in the center of Ameglia. "I renewed the vows of the ancients and asked our patron San Pasquale to keep us from contagion (the plague) again as in 1713, for that is why we celebrate him every May 17." explained the mayor.

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Go Fund Me page to help the Red Cross volunteers: Croce Rosso Ameglia

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