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Trattoria al Canton 33  Virtuous Reality - Teaching Religion 800 Years Ago

Pilastra (Parma)
Masticabrodo    The Perfect Italian Saturday - A Castle & A Lunch


Nicola (Ortonovo)
da Fiorello      Eating Well above the Plain in Nicola


Osteria Luchin   A Lunch Visit to Chiavari - Our Favorite Ligurian City

Le Grazie (Portovenere)
Il Gambero     The Best Portovenere Restaurant Not In Portovenere


La Scaletta      One Hundred Years of Happy Eating in Sarzana

Osteria Vittorio   Carrara's Osteria Vittorio The Tordelli Education:

Filetto (Villafranca)
Alla Piazza di Sopra         A New Restaurant in Old Lunigiana

Apella (Licciana Nardi)
Montagna Verde        An Italian Sunday Lunch

Marina di Carrara
Osteria Gloria     Osteria Gloria - The Pleasure of a Business Lunch

Abacab Tordelleria   Below Mighty Massa Castle, A Perfect Tordelli Waits

Osteria della Bietola       Italian Sunday Lunch in a Small City


Food Is History in Liguria  Featuring the town of Pignone near Vernazza.

Pizza and Testaroli and Baba   Is Pizza Chinese?

The Extracomunitari - Ligurian Pesto & Pizza Margherita


Italian Specialties: Tramezzino             The Tramezzino Sandwich

Frigitelli Peppers                                   The Happy Hour Pepper

Fusilli with Triglie and Cannellini         One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish..and Beans

Mussels and Cannellini                         Gulf of the Poets Mussels & Cannellini

Soup with Sausage & Rice                    The Soup of Theodolinda, Barbarian Queen

Spaghetti alla Trabaccolara                    Eat Fish That Didn't Sell

Risotto with Radicchio and Baccala      Believe It! Risotto with Radicchio and Baccala

Spaghetti with Tellini (Clams)               Viareggio and the One True Clam

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Travel Guidebook Reviews          Italy Guidebooks & Guidebook Publishers Reviewed

Hill Towns                                     Great Italian Hill Towns near Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre                                  16 Tips for Avoiding the Crowds

Fido Means Faithful, 100%            A Dog Named Fido

Carrara and John Singer Sargent    Carrara and John Singer Sargent

Photos of Liguria                            A Ligurian Photo Album

Our Grandparents Wedding           An Italian American Wedding, 1913

Invasive Species                            American Visitors Invade Peaceful Italian Lake

Is pizza Chinese?                           Pizza and Testaroli and Baba

La Spezia's St. Joseph Fair             La Fiera di San Giuseppe

A special photo essay.                    Proverbial Images

A Versilia Photo Album.                 The People of Italy - Versilia

A traveller's reality.                         The Day I Met the Old Italy

Topographical Maps                      Topographical Maps Online

Life Lessons from Pippo, A Dog.   Torre Del Lago. Philosophy with a Bite.

Spring In Liguria                             Spring Weather in Liguria
Catania   Sicily