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                                      -16 Tips to Avoid the Crowds
                                      -Accommodations In Cinque Terre
                                      -Accommodations In Nearby Base Towns

                                      -Guidebooks for Cinque Terre
                                      -All About Nearby Towns & Hill Towns
 / Boats
                                      -Food - Regional Specialties
                                      -The Path of Love - Via Amore - Will Reopen
                                      -Weather - When to Go
                                      -Maps: Overview & Hiking

Avoid the Crowds in Cinque Terre
We have a special article to help you have a great visit.
Link: Cinque Terre - 16 Tips for Avoiding the Crowds

Accommodation In & Around Cinque /Terre
Click Liguria / Cinque Terre / Portofino Map to see the Cinque Terre towns & Base towns.

Book as early as you can - the CT is very popular.  We use and recommend Booking.com because they have an excellent selection of hotels with VERIFIED REVIEWS!

Monterosso  The largest little town with a resort feel & the most restaurants and hotels. The only real beach in CT, some parking & the best train connections. There's an old town and a new section and it's fairly level. The full town name is Monterosso al Mare.  Link to: Booking.com - Monterosso
What's It Like? - Our Monterosso Photo Gallery Link
Vernazza                      CC by Byscuit

Vernazza  The prettiest, most celebrated town with the most visitors. You really should see it. Photographers love this town especially at sunset as the nearby hills provide stunning views. Link to: Booking.com - Vernazza     
What's It Like? - Our Vernazza Photo Gallery Link

Corniglia Sitting prettily on a promontory high above the sea with an historic church. It's the least crowded. It's a climb from the train and the boat doesn't stop here, but it's still very romantic and the views are the best.
Link to: Booking.com - Corniglia
Manarola The second most popular to explore, it's very photogenic & colorful. Approached from the sea, the town seems balanced on a cliff. Below there's a tiny harbor with quaint fishing boats and the famous terraces loom nearby. Link to: Booking.com- Manarola
What's It Like - Our Manarola Photo Gallery

Riomaggiore         CC by Nick Grosoli
Riomaggiore Closest to La Spezia & Portovenere, it's very characteristic. Colorful stacked homes line the opening in the cliff and there's another wee harbor. Kayak rentals and small boat tours available here. Link to: Booking.com - Riomaggiore  
What's It Like? - Our Riomaggiore Photo Gallery Link    

Click Liguria / Cinque Terre / Portofino Map to see the Cinque Terre towns & other Base towns.

Nearby Base Towns.
Minimize the crowds while you enjoy Cinque Terre, Portofino, and Liguria. Here are the Pluses & Minuses for each possible town with hotel recommendations by Martha:

Part 1 Liguria Hotel Guide & City Selector   Visit Cinque Terre & enjoy the Gulf of the Poets.
Lerici, Portovenere, La Spezia.

Part 2 Liguria Hotel Guide & City Selector     Visit both Cinque Terre & Portofino.
Levanto, Bonassola, Moneglia, Sestri Levante, Lavagna, Chiavari.

Part 3 Liguria Hotel Guide & City Selector   Towns on the perfect Portofino Peninsula.
Rapallo, Santa Margherita, Portofino, Camogli, Recco.


Guidebooks for Cinque Terre

 What's the best guidebook for Cinque Terre?

First, buy your Cinque Terre guidebook before you arrive as you won't easily find them in Italy.  For a guidebook dedicated to Cinque Terre, the best by far is Pocket Cinque Terre Rick Steves
(Amazon US) (Amazon UK)  (Kindle UK). Most all of the Pocket Cinque Terre info is also included in Italy Rick Steves 2024  (Amazon US) (Amazon UK) which is Amazon’s best selling Italy guidebook.

For advice and reviews on guidebooks for Liguria, Florence, Rome, Venice & more, read our article:
All the Best Italy Guidebooks Reviewed

All About Pretty Towns Near Cinque Terre
Seven Hill Towns
                        Link: Great Italian Hill Towns near Cinque Terre

Lerici              Link: Castle to Castle Along the Gulf of the Poets
                        Link: The Jewish Ghetto of Lerici

La Spezia       Link: La Spezia Travel Guide - Top Ten Attractions
                        Link: The Naval Museum of La Spezia
                        Link: La Spezia's Lia Art Museum

Portovenere   Link: Portovenere Travel Guide - Top Ten Attractions

Carrara          Link: Anarchy, Michelangelo & Marble

Pignone, Montemarcello, Tellaro, Castelnuovo Magra
                        Link: The Most Beautiful Villages in Liguria - Part 7 

Pontremoli       Link: The Attractions of a Small Tuscan City

Ferry / Boats
A favorite way to enjoy the fabulous Ligurian coastline.

Cinque Terre / Gulf of LaSpezia

The only source for a full season of Cinque Terre schedules:
Complete Cinque Terre & La Spezia Ferry Schedules.

Link: Camogli to San Fruttuoso Ferry Boats - with Portofino & Recco

Portofino Peninsula
Link: Portofino Ferry Boat Schedules from Rapallo and Santa Margherita 


Regional food specialties can be the best part of Italian travel. Look for these treats:

Link: A Guide to the Local Food of La Spezia & Cinque Terre

The Path of Love - Via Amore
Link: Cinque Terre's Path of Love Is Reopening


Link: Where to Rent a Car from Cinque Terre - La Spezia, Pisa, or Genoa?

La Spezia
Link: La Spezia Getting Around - Bus / Parking / Boat

Link: La Spezia Transportation- Bicycle Sharing

Link: Getting to Portovenere

When to go? We suggest either April 20-June 10 or September 10-October 15.
Our Spring article includes: What to Pack & FAQ.

Link: Spring Weather in Liguria & Cinque Terre



Liguria / Cinque Terre / Portofino Map for an overview of the Cinque Terre towns & nearby base towns with story links.

1 of 2 Cinque Terre Maps
Below is the Official Cinque Terre Park Map PDF  (Click map to enlarge or click link on the left for 5MB.pdf ).

2 of 2 Cinque Terre Trail Maps Click to Enlarge
This is a simplified map that can be useful for an overview.
Cinque Terre Trail Map