Complete Cinque Terre, Portovenere, La Spezia Boat / Ferry Schedules for Summer

Lerici, Levanto, Viareggio, Portofino Boat / Ferry Timetables 

La Spezia to Cinque Terre: Monterosso, Vernazza, Manarola, Riomaggiore 

        Latest Tour Schedules with Prices for the Summer Gulf of La Spezia / Cinque Terre Boats.                         Cinque Terre Battelli / Traghetti Orari Estate / Sommer Fahrplan der Fähre

The best way to see the unique and beautiful coast of Liguria Levante is a boat excursion around the Cinque Terre, Levanto, Portovenere, Lerici, and La Spezia area.
Page down for .pdf links to all the latest Summer Schedules, covering June 7 to September 7.
---For planning a Spring 2015 trip, click on this: Latest Spring Boat Ferry Schedules.
---For planning a Fall 2015 trip, click on this:  Latest Fall Boat Ferry Schedules.

Cinque Terre Portovenere La Spezia Ferry Boat  Schedule 2014
Cinque Terre Portovenere La Spezia Ferry Boat
Schedule for Summer 2014. Click to enlarge.
The PDF links below have both times and prices for the summer Gulf of La Spezia / Cinque Terre Boat Ferries.  You can also click the photo for just the times on the most popular ferry route ('5 Terre' = Cinque Terre).

Travel Tip
Where to Stay in Cinque Terre?
Use the ferry to avoid the crowds while you enjoy the Gulf of the Poets towns. Read our descriptions and hotel recommendations
Link: Guide to Portovenere Lerici La Spezia

Why Old Schedules?  The schedules for the Gulf of La Spezia boats are only available when the boats are running. We've created archives of the recent schedules with the price and details (in pdf format). These timetables are for planning, and could vary a little bit from year to year, return here right before you travel.

Is There Service to Portofino?
There is Service to Portofino on Mon./Wed./Fri. from La Spezia, Lerici, Portovenere, the Cinque Terre, and Levanto on the high Summer schedule, which in 2014 started July 2. There are timetables below.
There is also excellent Portofino service from ports further north in the Gulf of Tigullio, such as Rapallo. Look at this article: Portofino Ferry Boat Schedules from Rapallo & SML.
Ginestra flowers above Punta Corvo beach, Gulf of La Spezia
Ginestra (broom) flowers above Punta Corvo beach on the Gulf of the Poets.

Are the Cinque Terre hiking trails open?  Unequivocally yes. While a few trails might be closed at any given point, there are always plenty of trails open.  Use this link Cinque Terre National Park Trail Status to check. Famous trails will often be crowded - for energetic hikers with a car, consider this wonderful hike in the Apuan Alps a few miles away: The Via Vandelli.  For occasional hikers (like us) consider a neat hike on the other side of the Gulf near Lerici:  The Forgotten Villages of the Gulf of the Poets .

The Cinque Terre Boat / Ferry Schedules
The vineyard terraces of Cinque Terre in early spring.          circa 1987

Also written 5 Terre or Cinqueterre, these are five small villages on the dramatic Ligurian coast. The villages are Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and Monterosso.  All have train service, and all except Corniglia have ferry service.  The area is known for it's wonderful hiking trails, pretty scenery, and its popularity . Since the trails are often steep and sometimes rocky, using the boats appeals to many, and it's a beautiful way to see the area. Consider hiking in one direction, and taking the boat or the train to return. We recommend you do not drive your car rental to the Cinque Terre villages!

Schedule: La Spezia-Portovenere-Cinque Terre (S9)  (Jun 7 - Sep 7)

Schedule: Portovenere to Cinque Terre-Levanto (S31)      (Jun 7 - Sep 7)

Schedule: Cinque Terre-Portofino (S29)  (Jul 2 - Sep 12)  Mon-Wed-Fri 
( Monterosso Schedule in Link )
Departs Riomaggiore 9:30  Manarola 9:40  Vernazza 10:00  Monterosso 10:10

Travel Tip_____________________________________________________________________
Renting A Car in Italy. If you drive in urban areas at home, you can drive in Italy. Stick to well known rental companies. Rental prices are tricky - low prices can lead to add-ons . We have two articles to help:
                              Link: Independent Car Rental Reviews for Italy
                              Link: Car Rental Tips for Italy - Pick It Up Right 
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The Ligurian coast from Portovenere toward Cinque Terre. 

La Spezia Boat / Ferry Timetables
For info on buses and parking (including near the boat), see: Getting Around La Spezia

Schedule: La Spezia to Portovenere-Cinque Terre (S9)  (Jun 7 - Sep 7)

Schedule: La Spezia-Portofino (S17)  (Jul 2 - Sep 12) Mon-Wed-Fri   Departs 8:30 Returns 6:30

Lerici Boat / Ferry Timetables
For information about parking and more in Lerici, see Castle to Castle Along the Gulf of the Poets

Schedule: Lerici-Portovenere-Cinque Terre (S6)    (May18 - Sept06 2015)
Schedule: Lerici-Portofino (S16) (Jul 2 - Sep 12) Mon-Wed-Fri 
Departs 8:30 Returns 6:30   La Spezia schedule in link - the same in all respects.

Portovenere Boat / Ferry Timetables
San Lorenzo, Portovenere.
San Lorenzo, Portovenere.
For information on parking and buses to Portovenere and boats to Palmaria, see Getting to Portovenere.

Schedule: La Spezia-Portovenere-Cinque Terre (S9) (Jun 7 -Sep 7)

Schedule: Portovenere-Three Island Tour (S14)    ( Jun 7 - Sep 7) 
Island tour info in note: Departs at 12:00am and 2:30pm

Schedule: Portovenere-Portofino (Jul 2 - Sep 12) Mon-Wed-Fri 
Departs 9:00 Returns 6:00

Levanto Boat / Ferry Timetables

Schedule: Portovenere-Cinque Terre-Levanto (S31)  (Jun 7 -Sep 7)

Schedule: Levanto Portofino (S32)  (Jul 2 - Sep 12) Mon-Wed-Fri
Departs 10:30

Portofino to Cinque Terre / Portovenere Ferry Timetable

Schedule: Cinque Terre to Portofino (S29)  (Jul 2 - Sep 12) Mon-Wed-Fri   Monterosso Schedule in Link
Departs Riomaggiore 9:30  Manarola 9:40  Vernazza 10:00  Monterosso 10:10

Schedule: Portovenere-Portofino (S16)   (Jul 2 - Sep 12) Mon-Wed-Fri 
Departs 9:00

Fezzano & Le Grazie to Portovenere &Terrizzo Timetables
Fezzano and Le Grazie are small ports on the western shore of the Gulf of La Spezia.

Schedule: Fezzano Le Grazie Portovenere Terrizzo (S11)
July 4-31 Fri., Sat., Sun.  August 1-31 Daily

Palmaria / La Spezia Boat / Ferry Timetables.
Terrizzo is on the Portovenere side of Palmaria Island, Pozzale on the far side.
(There is also separate year-round Portovenere to Palmaria service, see our Getting to Portovenere).

Schedule: La Spezia to Terrizzo Palmaria (S12)  (Jun 8 - Sep 7)
Schedule: La Spezia - Pozzale Palmaria (S13)     (Jun 15 - Aug 17)

Viareggio+ to Cinque Terre Boat / Ferry Timetables
Viareggio, Forte dei Marmi, Marina di Massa, and Marina di Carrara to Cinque Terre.

Schedule: Four Versilia Ports - Cinque Terre (S3)  (Jun 21 - Sep 7)

More Boat Info
The boat service is cash only and subject to cancellation due to weather and wave conditions, which is uncommon in summer, infrequent in spring, but a distinct possibility in autumn. There are bathrooms on the boat, and carry-on dogs are allowed. The boats have both open air and covered sections.

Portofino. For scenic ferry boats further north in Liguria read: Portofino Ferry Boat Schedules from Rapallo & SML. There are timetables for boats serving Portofino, Rapallo, Santa Margarita Ligure, Sestri Levante, Chiavari, Lavagna, San Fruttuoso, and Cinque Terre.

Camogli. For ferry boats on the Liguria's Gulf of Paradise read: Camogli to San Fruttuoso Ferry Boats with Recco & Portofino. There is info for boats serving Recco, Camogli, Punta Chiappa, San Fruttuoso, Portofino, .

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Getting Around La Spezia  Describes parking in La Spezia, as well as bus info and other goodies.
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The Most Beautiful Villages of Liguria Part 1 The Rock Villages A 7-part series covering 28 great little towns.

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