Free Public Wifi for 2018- Italian Hotspots

Free WiFi Hotspots in Rome, Venice, Cinque Terre, Florence! 
Free Public Wifi Italy
Dolce Far Niente Virtuale, Rimini.       Photo: Luca Vanzelli.
Fellow travelers - there are many free wifi hotspots in Italy, and you don't need your passport to log-in!  It's true, when visiting most Italian cities, the resourceful traveler does not need to pay for data roaming.  Despite what you've heard or experienced in the past, there are now numerous public hotspots for internet access all over Italy. All the wireless internet rules changed in August, 2013 with a new Italian law called Decreto del Fare. Anything written about public open wifi access in Italy before then is out of date.

Now only one simple online registration is needed for many hotspots, and the number of access points has exploded. Italian bars, cafes, restaurants, as well as Comuni, Provinces, and Regions are providing free internet access just to make you happy. We just explored Piedmont in Spring, 2015, and virtually every town had a free public network. In other words, the hotels that want to charge fees for internet service can go whistle (edited for children).

The simplified login is the work of Free Italia Wifi. This is a fast growing national network of free internet access points with a common registration protocol. This means one registration for continued access that works in many Italian cities and regions such as Florence, Siena, Venice, Genova, Pisa, Rome, Piemonte, Sardinia, and Friuli! Register once, use a lot. This protocol requires access points to offer users a minimum of two hours free per day!* They have more than 3,000 hotspots all over Italy so far. Look at the member networks here: Free Italia Wifi Networks.  Keep reading, there's yet more.

Free WiFi Rome
So that we could write from experience about the Free Wifi Italia network, we registered for Free WiFi Genova at the website Free WiFi Genova. It went smoothly. The process is very typical: name, email address, physical address, birth date, and identity verification and you select the user name and password (handsome01 is now taken). The verification is by a credit card authorization or by an SMS to an Italian cell phone. We used a US-based credit card and the transaction was processed quickly. No money is charged to the card, and the number is not stored. Using the Free WiFi Genova login we can now access other networks that also belong to the Free WiFi Italia network – from Florence and Rome to Sardinia and Frosinone. Information on using your login on other networks Free Italia Wifi Login Details.

Now the travel dream is complete: the Italian cafe, the Aperol spritz, free wireless access, and your reward is a modern paradox. The ethereal security of an internet connection lets your mind disconnect and relax. Dolce fare niente, virtuale e davvero.

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Reality bites a/k/a Disclaimers
  • Locating. Your mouth is more useful than your feet in finding a hotspot. The signage for free wifi is expanding fast, but randomly. A tourist office can help, or do what we old folks do - ask some young people! Italians are really hospitable, and they'll be glad to help if they can.
  • Information. The hotspots are created faster than information about them is distributed. Websites offering to find wifi hotspots are often more spotty than hot.  Despite the disparagement, some decent location finders are in More Info below. 
  • Inertia. Some people and systems don't know about the new standards, and/or are using old procedures such as making you show an id to register or not allowing a non-Italian mobile phone. However, most places have caught on, and many are aware they need to update.
  • Implementation. It is also taking time to implement new initiatives. The Liguria Wifi Zone network (Link: An Entire Region of Italy with Free Wifi) had its beginnings about 4 years ago. Like weather forecasts, you may find reports that don't correspond to what you find outside your hotel.

More Info.

Guglielmo Hot Spot Finder This large WiFi provider's finder is usable now that they have a map. It only shows their service, but they're big.

Boingo Hot Spots: Boingo Map 

ZD Net article with some history:
New Dawn for Wifi in Italy.

Wifi Access in Italy: How to Get Online:  Postcards from Italy.

Florence WiFi Map on Tuscany-Toscana Blog

WiTourist is an expensive Italian internet access that gets complaints as well as good reviews. Read about it here: WiTourist Discussion

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*The usage limit is non-contiguous meaning the two hours can be in separate sessions. Networks can also optionally limit daily access to 300MB.

Written by Martha

Updated May 16, 2015.