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Bike Sharing in La Spezia: Spezia-in-bici
Like at least 132 other Italian cities, La Spezia has a community-use bicycle sharing program. If you are visiting La Spezia for more than a couple of days, you might like to enroll to make use of the Speziainbici program. The bikes are now available at 19 convenient stations around the city, and can be returned at any station.

The program maintains a Bicincitta Map where you can view the location of the stations and also see the number of bikes available. If you drive into the city, you might be pleased to see there are stands at the free parking areas of Palasport and Piazza D'Armi.  If you arrive by train, there's a stand at La Spezia Centrale.

The La Spezia bike sharing program, Spezia-in-bici, now has 17 locations.

To use the Bicincitta bicycles you need to register and obtain an electronic card at the ATC Mobilita e Parcheggi office at Via Saffi, 3. Map: Spezia-in-Bici Office .  The card costs 10 Euro per year. Then add at least 5 Euro on your account for immediate use. They'll also give you a lock so you can park the bike while you buy Salsiccie di Pignone at La Spezia's busy daily market on Corso Cavour.

The usage fee is zero for the first hour, one-half Euro for the second hour, one Euro for the third hour, and two Euro per hour thereafter. Helmets are not provided with the bikes. The funds on your account can be replenished by visiting the office, via a bolletino postale, or via a bonifico bancario.

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Written by Martha