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1. Avis European Car Rentals.

For a quote or reservation - Europe or elsewhere.
                    Avis Home Page (English)
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            Avis Europe: 7 Day Hire, Pay for 5.

Look in the next sections for comparison websites, or at our new 2016 survey Link: Italy Compact Car Rental Prices

NOTE: Avis and Budget are using the EXACT same cars in most European countries. If there's a dual brand office at your location, take the lowest price - there's no difference in Europe.
Budget Rental (UK, IRL, USA)     Budget Rental (Europe in English)      Budget Rental (in Italian)

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Auto Europe Car Rental2. Price Comparison Links.
Compare the prices offered from several car hire companies in one search, usually including Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz and others - visit the consolidators AutoEurope or Kemwel Discount.

The reputable broker AutoEurope has a low price guarantee, easy cancellation up to 48 hours before the rental, and a 24/7 English help line before, during, and after the sale. They are a Maine, USA company with an excellent reputation, and they optionally offer rentals with zero excess insurance (no deductible) if needed*.

The consolidator Kemwel is the lower cost subsidiary of AutoEurope. We advise dealing only with well-known car rental companies and never commit to an un-named one.

Use of these links do not affect the prices offered. See About Us & Disclosure below. Your reservation helps support our site and our traveler information articles.

                AutoEurope (Home)               Auto Europe(UK)                Kemwel Discount (Home)

Help Planning Your Trip. 
Click this giant link for European Road Trip Planners which provide lots of great details to get you started. Created by AutoEurope, they rely on the company's 60 years of experience to get you on the road right. Available for Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, United Kingdom, & Norway.
We help everyone, Sox or Yanks.

This page will help you compare  Avis Rental options. We are NOT a car rental website. I'm Mike from Boston and retired photo editor that likes to help people and has a lot of travel experience.

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3. Avis Specials & Discounts. 
Click for Quotes:  Avis Home Page (English)
Look below for one of the many discounts and special promotions offered by Avis Europe in the various European countries including France, Spain, Germany, and Italy. You won't see these offers on Avis.Com and you won't see some of them on the English version of some of the multi-lingual Avis sites! There are offers such as discount coupon codes, a free additional driver, monthly and weekend rates, or upgrade specials available on the local sites, so why not get the best deal? It's easy to translate - see the section Translation Info below.

First click on (or scroll to) the country name you'll be visiting to see that country's listing. There you'll find the most popular current Avis Promotions and Special Offers and you'll see more offers by clicking on that country's Avis website link - perhaps a free TomTom GPS, an over-55 discount, or a monthly rate. Second scan all the promos, since there might be, say, a discount on the French site for an Italian rental.

Click for your Country's Section:


Some specials can be reserved for particular groups, such as returning expats, but for the great majority, you do not need to be a local to get the special savings, just in gamba (that's from our expensive Italian lessons).

Translation Info. If needed, use this Google Translate Link. To translate a whole webpage, copy the url and paste it in the left hand box and select 'Detect Language', then select the target language, and click on the url that appears in the right-hand box.

About Us & Disclosure. We are recently retired photo editors who enjoy travel, food, and helping people. We have visited Europe for three decades, and we live in Italy part-time. We have no connection to the car rental or hotel industries, and we receive no payments for our writing or opinions. As is internet convention, we receive the standard commission for clicks on some commercial links that result in a purchase. If we've helped you, please thank us by using our links. For hotel reservations, use the very helpful: Booking.Com.

Read The Terms. Modern life demands you read the Terms and Conditions for any car rental. Promotions have conditions that may affect your particular use. Companies may have policies that affect you. Some examples: Avis Italy might require two different credit cards in your name; AutoEurope's no excess insurance excludes accidents in 'parking facilities'; most rental companies place a substantial hold on your credit card, lowering your available credit; an administrative fee will probably be charged for an accident even with zero excess (deductible) coverage.

Avis Links, Promotions and Special Offers by Country
These are the current promotional offerings by Avis. Some will pop right up or be in a box on the front page. Some will be listed in 'Offers' under the header. Others will just plain fail. Some country sites are much better than others.

Austria Avis Website         English available on website.

Belgium Avis Website   Belgium Avis Translated English available on site but specials vary by language.




DE_10% off Carefree Package w. Zero Excess & Unlimited Km.

DE_Rent for 7 days, Pay for 5.

DE_3 Day Weekend, Pay for Two.

DE_Avis Free Tom Tom w. Long term Rental

DE_Advance Booking Offer



NL_Ireland 15% off with code

NL_UK 7 Days Rental, Pay for 5 with code “Z687618” through 2015.



Spain_Up to 15% Discount

Spain_Rent for 3 days, Pay for 2.

Spain_Rent for 7 days, Pay for 5.



SW_20% off Switzerland rental.

SW_Rent for 7 days, Pay for 5.

SW_ Pay for 2 days, get 3.

UK Avis Website

UK_Three days for the price of two Dates Unspecified

UK_Airport Transfer Specials

UK_”Huge” European Discounts

UK_7 Days Car Hire For 5 In Europe Dates Unspecified

UK_Summer Early Booker – Up to 15% off Dates Unspecified


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* The excess/deductible may already be covered as a benefit offered by your credit card or by your home auto insurance. You can also buy a special traveler's insurance policy ahead of time, or a policy purchased from a car rental broker or by paying more to the car rental company. Read the terms offered, as all of them have significant exclusions. You can also self-insure, since the odds are in favor of good experienced drivers who can afford the risk.

Written by Mike
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