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Hill Towns                                     Great Italian Hill Towns near Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre                                  16 Tips for Avoiding the Crowds

Fido Means Faithful, 100%            A Dog Named Fido

Carrara and John Singer Sargent    Carrara and John Singer Sargent

Photos of Liguria                            A Ligurian Photo Album

Our Grandparents Wedding           An Italian American Wedding, 1913

Invasive Species                            American Visitors Invade Peaceful Italian Lake

Is pizza Chinese?                           Pizza and Testaroli and Baba

La Spezia's St. Joseph Fair             La Fiera di San Giuseppe

A special photo essay.                    Proverbial Images

A Versilia Photo Album.                 The People of Italy - Versilia

A traveller's reality.                         The Day I Met the Old Italy

Topographical Maps                      Topographical Maps Online

Life Lessons from Pippo, A Dog.   Torre Del Lago. Philosophy with a Bite.

Spring In Liguria                             Spring Weather in Liguria
Catania   Sicily