Year 448 - La Fiera di San Giuseppe - La Spezia

The Saint Joseph Fair
La Spezia 2013
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This year's edition of the Fiera di San Giuseppe in La Spezia is coming up. This is one of the largest fairs in Italy and the biggest in the region. This year there are more than 588 vendors coming from all over Italy, of which 156 will offer clothing, but more importantly 65 will offer porchetta - up from only 57 last year! Nine stands will offer exotic fruit, but only three will offer wrought iron - go figure. Many other activities are available, especially for kids, but not well publicized. In past years, one very popular feature has been the opening of the Arsenale Militare Marittimo (Naval Arsenale) for one day, as it is the home port of the Italian tall ship Amerigo Vespucci. We were again unable to confirm this year's opening, but it did happen in 2011, and presumably it would happen on Sunday this year.

The San Giuseppe fair for 2013 is on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, March 17th, 18th, and 19th. The hours are 8AM to 8PM, and this year the Notte Bianca will be on Monday evening with an extended 11PM closing. This year the bancarelle will be centered on Piazza Verde, Via Chiodi, Viale Mazzini, and Passeggiata Morin but not Piazza Europa as it is under construction (for a needed parking garage).

Since the fair is expected to bring 100,000 to 150,000 visitors, municipal authorities are asking fair-goers to use public transport, and there will be free navettes available from satellite parking locations, including the Palasport location on the east side of La Spezia, Piazza D'Armi on the west, as well as Viale Fiechi, Via del Cappelletto, and the Terrazze shopping center (some links below).

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